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We have a history of planning for the future
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Our Values

Our values inform and underpin the way we do business at Ozwide. We strive to be efficient, respectful and reliable partner for all our clients, delivering the highest quality solutions to them with integrity


We do things differently, always delivering best in class ideas and solutions


We strive to adopt a sustainable approach to everything we do


We focus on empowering our people in all that they do and our clients on their carbon journey

Our history

For the last 17 years, Ozwide Energy + Carbon has helped Australian companies and organisations reduce energy consumption and embrace cleaner, greener energy sources. All with minimal disruption to their daily business.

Our heritage is grounded in large and small-scale wind and solar and Energy Efficiency programs throughout Australia, supported by the State and Federal Governments. Those programs are now expanding to support our national commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

Today, we invest, and help others invest in carbon projects using nature-based solutions, enhanced natural processes, and emerging green technologies. Over 17 million certificates have passed through our trading house, and $1BN worth of transactions have been successfully delivered to our clients.

Our team

Anais Ploenges
Head of Carbon Solutions
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Brodie Parker
Operations Manager
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Clara Ospina
Compliance and Solutions Delivery Officer
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Daisy Yao
Compliance and Solutions Delivery Supervisor
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Gerrard Bennett
Business Development Manager
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Kate Ruddell
General Manager
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Mark Ploenges
Founder and Managing Director
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Mark Sutherland
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Steven Bouios
Trader, Research & Development
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Work with us

We’re always open to working with passionate people. Let us know a bit about yourself and what sparked  your interest in us. We’ll reach out for a chat if it sounds like a good fit.

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Our Accreditations

Here is the Registries we have access to be able to create, purchase, warehouse and retire our Carbon and Energy Efficiency certificates

What we do

Whether you’re concerned about climate change or you need to meet government compliance requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help you navigate the path to carbon neutrality. We offer a complete solution to calculate your emissions, decarbonise your business, access renewable energy and invest in certified offsets to become Scope 1 and 2 carbon neutral.

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