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What we do

Whether you’re concerned about climate change or meeting government compliance requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help you navigate the path to carbon neutrality. We offer a complete solution to calculate your emissions, decarbonise your business, access renewable energy and invest in certified offsets to become Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Neutral.

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carbon footprint

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Offset your emissions to become certified Carbon Neutral Scope 1 & 2

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Why we exist

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation, and it affects all of us, no matter where we live or how we earn an income. We’re actively working to decarbonise the environment through our work. We aim to make it simple and affordable for businesses of any size to reduce and offset their emissions in line with compliance regulations.

The Ozwide Energy + Carbon difference

Our reputation is built on integrity. Anchored in energy efficiency and renewables, today we ethically source carbon offsets through our in-house trading department to help clients switch to renewables, decarbonise and offset.

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We built a platform to take you through the carbon neutral journey online, affordably and easily. With NetCarbon, you can calculate and offset your carbon emissions and become certified Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Neutral.

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Explore our carbon offset projects

As accredited carbon certificate providers, we help you access carbon offsets quickly and easily. We never compromise on quality, so you can rest assured your investment is making a positive impact and your reputation is protected.

Our projects are:
Certified by industry regulators
Hand picked by senior Ozwide traders
Back Burning Australia’s North
Savana Burning with Aboriginal Co-Benefits

Controlled Burns are conducted by local indigenous experts using traditional fire management techniques. The process is completed at the end of the wet season to prevent uncontrollable wildfires that devastate the local flora and fauna populations. Yes, the burn-off creates C02, but not at the levels released by bushfires.

First Nation Communities
Disaster prevention
Land care
Wind, Sun and Water, But No Surfing
Large Scale Generation Certificates

One LGC is generally, 1 mega-watt of electricity created from Wind, Hydro or Solar farms. The Australian continent has more wind and sun than any other inhabited content. Knowing this, the Federal Government has made a significant commitment to LGC projects to support Australia’s international energy superpower goals.

Large Projects
Renewable Energy
Let more trees grow

Ozwide accesses and invests in native regeneration projects across most states.There are standard reforestation projects as well as reforestation occurring on land with Native title. Through photosynthesis, trees sequester CO2 from the atmosphere with plants roots locking the carbon into the soil.

Human Activity
Turning Waste into Power
Generic Non-Specific

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas (25 times that of CO2) and makes up majority of carbon emissions from landfill waste or animal farming wastewater treatment ponds. Gas captured through advanced technology can then be used on site or sold back into an ever-improving grid power by renewable energy.

Waste Management
Environmental Planting
Environmental Planting ACCUs

Soil quality is crucial for optimal for carbon sequestration. By planting a mixture of native and local tree, shrub and understorey species, forest will have the perfect conditions to thrive! Over time, the project implementation area will transition to ‘forest cover’ which captures and stores carbon in the landscape.

Carbon Storage
Native Forestry
Coming soon
Seaweed - The New leader in fighting Climate Change
Carbon Sequestration

Ozwide is proud to partner with The Flinders Oyster Company for the RORI Project. We are experimenting with seaweed on our Aquaculture Site in Western Port Bay. The project will not only create Carbon certificates, it will also see the Seaweed used in Plastics and Timber products. Seaweed Grows at 1m per week so a great and efficient way to remove carbon.

Plastic & Timber Alternative
Submerged forest
Holistic resource

Benefits of becoming carbon neutral

Be the change and support Australia’s pledge to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030.

Gain a competitive advantage over businesses who don’t have a carbon neutral plan.

Give your clients something to brag about by providing them a carbon neutral solution.

Receive Scope 1 & Scope 2 certification that meets the Federal Government’s energy reporting regulations.

Build an excellent reputation and utilise your new carbon neutral status to boost your brand.

Become more attractive to current and potential employees.

We partner with carbon accountants and climate consultants

We believe in collaboration to solve climate change. Learn how you can partner with us to offer your clients a full-service pathway to certified Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Neutrality.

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What our customers are saying

I can’t emphasise enough how positive our experience was working with Ozwide Energy and Carbon team on our carbon neutrality journey. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with - easy to collaborate with, prompt and incredibly proactive. If your business is on a Carbon Neutrality journey, and you need a partner who is not only knowledgeable, but also genuinely dedicated to your success, then get in touch with the team. They will guide you, educate you, and support you with your sustainability goals.

Francesca Pavone
Dann Event Hire

Ozwide Energy + Carbon is the perfect business partner to enable us to offer LED lighting turn-key solutions to all our clients. Their expertise within the energy saving schemes throughout the country has strongly positioned us to help our clients easily access the full benefits of energy saving discounts for their LED lighting upgrades. The outstanding customer service and energy industry knowledge they provide has assisted our business with rapid sales growth selling our quality range of LED lighting product. Highly recommend the Ozwide Energy + Carbon Team.

Shane Slade

Ozwide worked with us to calculate our Scope 1 and 2 emissions including education on how we may implement changes to reduce these in future years. To allow us to offset our carbon impact, Ozwide facilitated the purchase of carbon credits for retirement related to a project that aligned with our company values. This project was ACCU Savanna Burning and assists in providing support to First Nations Australians supporting our organisation’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. The Ozwide team were easy to deal with and helped us achieve this important milestone in line with our environmental goals for the 2023 financial year.

Kate Mannix

At Commerce Media Group, we recognised that we needed to take more action in becoming an environmentally sustainable business. After a chance meeting Ozwide Energy +Carbon, we have begun our journey on becoming Carbon Neutral. We had no idea what becoming Carbon Neutral meant or what it would require – but with the Ozwide’s team professional and easy to deal with approach – it couldn’t have been easier! Ozwide guided us through a simple analysis and made it easy to understand how we can minimise our environmental footprint and offset our carbon emissions. Thank Ozwide Energy + Carbon and the team!

Mark Willmore
Commerce Media Group Pty Ltd

Felix is excited to be partnering with Ozwide on our net zero journey. Their expertise and experience over many years in energy and emissions reduction, as well as their diligence in offset project curation, including their own direct investment into decarbonisation projects made them the ideal partner to lead us on our net zero journey.

Mike Davis

Partnering with Ozwide gives IDIC an exciting opportunity to empower our client’s by increasing their Indigenous engagement and enhancing their social procurement policy requirements delivering greater Indigenous spend. With Ozwide’s support we can assist our client’s carbon acquisition program(s), facilitating the purchase of premium carbon credits with Indigenous co-benefits, to offset their emissions.

We trust in Ozwide as a Strategic Partner, to support IDIC in increasing our service offering, while still delivering positive client outcomes and  international recognised supply chain solutions.

Adam Goodes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral refers to a policy of not increasing carbon emissions and balance the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by investing in carbon offset projects.

Offsets are generated from an activity that prevents, reduces or removes greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Why is it important to become Carbon Neutral and start the journey?
  • Improve Climate Impact

  • Promote marketing opportunity to leverage positive associations through advertising

  • Mitigate Future Legal Risks

  • Retain Employees and Attract Customers

  • Support Australia's pledge to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030

  • Reduce your own energy use and cost

  • Be an industry leader by providing a Carbon Neutral Solution to your clients

  • Have a point of difference to your competitors

  • Australia's leading organisations are all on the Carbon Neutral journey. Carbon Footprint Calculation

How to lower your carbon emissions
  • Choose energy efficiency solutions such as LED lighting upgrade

  • Explore renewable energy options

  • Optimise heating and air conditioning systems

What is a Carbon Project?

Carbon Projects  reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere such as reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency.

For example, a project may reduce emissions by changing the timing of savanna burning in Northern Australia or capture emissions by
re-vegetating a large area of land. One carbon credit is issued for each tonne of emissions avoided, removed or captured from the atmosphere.

There are numerous  projects generating offsets in Australia and around the world.